Fabric Scoop Race Flag Shallow Saddle – Scotland – N/A


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About the Fabric Scoop Race Scotland Flag Saddle The Scoop Race Saddle from Fabric is a mid width saddle that provides an efficient supportive platform for an aerodynamic, stretched position. It is the perfect balance of comfort, performance and simplicity. It is made using a 3 part construction which consists of a cover, a base and a rail. The minimal manufacturing technique removes any staples, excess material and any other imperfections that are synonymous with common saddle construction. The cover is wrapped in a durable and waterproof microfibre cover with a grippy texture that still allows you to freely move around the saddle and the clean and simple design makes it exceptionally easy to clean. The base is made from a fibre re-enforced nylon which is lightweight, highly flexible and strong enough that Fabric can use less padding which helps create the streamlined shape. The rail is made from a lightweight Titanium alloy coated with Cr Ni, highly resistant to oxidation and abrasion. About Fabric Fabric is a cycling specific company looking to innovate and excel in different methods of production, with designs that stand out from the norm. Pushing the boundaries with an unconventional approach to development and design, always makes for good looking products. They pride themselves on their design, looking outside of the cycling industry and applying the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies to their full range. Fabric mainly involves themselves in the parts and accessory side of cycling with great products such as their road and mountain bikes saddles, as well as bar tapes, water bottles and on-the-go tools. Fabric caters their products for all abilities, with clean, innovative and good looking cycling parts, with their high-end carbon saddles to cage-less bottles. Saddles Buying Guide