Fizik Aliante Gamma Saddle – Black/White


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The Aliante is the widest and most longitudinally waved in Fi'z: k's trio of pro-cyclist developed spine concept saddles and comes under the Bull moniker, designed for low body flexibility with high pelvic rotation whilst pedaling. Twin Flex construction combines two layers within the shell. A layer of multi-directional carbon fiber provides strength, while a bi-directional layer allows flex for comfort. The two layers are molded together so that the stiffer outer layer controls the flexibility of the inner layer. The Aliante Gamma retains the shape of the original edition with increased curvature and central sweet spot when compared to more recent versions of the characteristically wide saddle. The cover features a black Microtecx topper with white Microtex sides, and it's fitted over a solid padding design to provide optimum weight distribution across the saddle surface when riding. Spine flexibility and pelvic rotation are inextricably linked to saddle comfort, the Fi'z: k Spine Concept Evo app for IOS and Android can provide guidance on which animal profile will suit you best. The fundamental options of the Fi'z: k road saddle range are outlined below. Animal Profile: Bull, Snake, Chameleon – Determined by flexibility and pelvic rotation Width Sizes: Regular or Large – Determined by rider weight and power Surface Choices: Solid, Versus Evo, Open – Determined by rider preference for pressure relief Build Options: 00, R1, R3 – Determine saddle construction materials and weight The Aliante Gamma Saddle is available in one colour and width size.