Garmin Edge 130 – Black


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The compact and lightweight Garmin Edge 130 is the small but powerful cycling computer. Featuring a 1. 8" mono memory in Pixel display, giving you that crisp clear view of your stats whilst riding. Wherever you ride, the Edge 130 bike computer captures your essential stats. With help from GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites for more coverage under dense tree cover, plus a built-in barometer, it tracks how far, how fast and even how high you"ve ridden. Plan and download your routes with the Course Creator feature from Garmin Connect. Edge 130 will guide you with easy-to-read course prompts and turn prompts. It"s even smart enough to direct you back to your starting location. The Edge 130 cycling computer is designed to help you amp up your performance so you can strive to improve with every ride. It"s compatible with power meters, letting you see how many watts of power you"re producing on a flat section or a steep hill. Understanding where you are producing power helps not only with training, it also makes for a more epic ride. And you can make every ride a little more interesting by racing in real time against Garmin and Strava Live Segments, giving you that extra nudge to really push yourself. Edge 130 also lets your friends and family follow your real-time location with the Live Track feature, so if you happen to run into difficulty during a ride, the Assistance feature can quickly send your current location to chosen contacts so they know where to find you. Key Features Simplified, rugged design with 1. 8 display that"s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions With GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellites and an altimeter, you"ll know how far, fast, hard and high you"ve ridden on the longest climbs or on your way through the city Includes navigation with turn prompts and even shows you how to get back to start; download courses from the Course Creator feature in Garmin Connect™ online community, and race in real time against Strava Live Se