Goodr Mach G Kitty Hawkers Ray Blockers Polarized Sunglasses


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INTRODUCING KITTY HAWKERS' RAY BLOCKERS. Some people say the Wright Brothers were rocking a pair of these teal framed pink accented aviators when they decided to block out not just the rays at Kitty Hawk North Carolina but also their peer Glenn Curtiss from modern aviation history because if they can build the world's first aeroplane then they can certainly build the world's first time machine. Is this info true? We don't know. But some people said it. GOODR + AVIATORS = MACH Gs Our MACH Gs are a classic aviator style made to give you the speed if you feel the need. Plus this smooth sleek frame means no unsightly imprints on your nose from those weird nose pads on traditional metal aviator frames. 1. NO SLIPWe use special grip coating and silicone nose inserts to construct our frame to help eliminate slippage when sweating. 2. NO BOUNCEOur frame is flight-weight to prevent bouncing when running biking beasting or exceeding speeds of Mach 5.**Not tested at hypersonic speed but…we’re pretty sure. 3. ALL POLARIZEDThe speed of light got nothing on you. These glare-reducing polarized lenses with UV400 protection blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays. 4. ALL SPEEDAn all new shape built to give you the ultimate speed advantage whether you're crushing beers or crushing your competition. 5. FREE MILE HIGH CLUB MEMBERSHIPIncluded with purchase.


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