Goodr Runways Aphrodite In The Streets & The Sheets Womens Polarized Sunglasses


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LIMITED EDITION: GLASSES OF THE GODS Look it's pretty self-explanatory Aphrodite is Aphrodite in both the streets and the sheets. Why would she take on a different persona depending on where she is? Unless do gods like role-playing? That a thing? She's also still Aphrodite in the Streets and the Sheets while in these Aphrodite in the Streets and the Sheets goodrs. That is sooo meta. Specifications Mirrored Reflective Lenses Best For: Running Laps Around Mortals Features No Slip: special grip coating to help eliminate slippage when sweating. No Bounce: the frame is snug and light-weight with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while running. All Polarised: glare-reducing polarised lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays. All Fun.


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