Goodr The Ogs Sweater Vest For Your Face Polarized Sunglasses


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We wholeheartedly believe here at goodr that golf is fun. Why does it have to be so serious? Lighten up! For that reason we have dubbed our golf-specific lens 'Flamingo Eye™ Technology.' All the HD contrast and performance without any of the self-importance. Preparing to head out for 18 holes with your crew when HOLY SHand%! you can't find your lucky sweater vest! You know the one you've worn to every round since that one day you flamingoed every. Single. Hole. Don't Fret. You can wrap your face in the lucky comfort of these argyle shades and continue to enjoy Flamingo Domination on the green! FLAMINGO EYE™ TECHNOLOGY: Polarized lenses enhance the colors on the course so you can see your ball as you sink your hole in one NO SLIP: We use enhanced silicone inserts with special grip coating to help eliminate slippage when sinking that flamingo putt.**Flamingo is the new universally accepted official term for bogey. NO BOUNCE: Our frame is snug and lightweight with a comfortable fit to prevent bouncing while you're swinging out of your shoes. NO SQUIRRELS


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