Goodyear Newton Mtr Trail Tubeless Complete 650b Mtb Rear Tyre 2022 27.5×2.4 – Black


The Newton MTR Mountain Rear part of our ultimate tire package developed for gravity riding and racing. A tire that is at its best bringing up the rear while sprinting out the start hut of your race run as you attack those loose off camber sections hold the line on rocky chutes and pinballing down rock sections. GOING DOWNHILL FAST From aggressive trail riding to the demands of downhill racing the Newton MTF delivers consistent cornering bite predictable braking control and premium performance in ever-changing conditions. The tread design features ramped center knobs to reduce rolling resistance while tall arch-supported side knobs provide fierce braking and cornering grip. FOR DOWNHILL ENDURO AND TRAIL DOMINANCE Drive focused tread delivers speed and durability with tracking performance that inspires confidence transitioning from straight-line to cornering across a wide range of conditions.   Who rides this tire?Your bike of choice is a Downhill Enduro or trail rig you eat/sleep loose turns berms and full-on terrain Where does this tire perform best?Best suited to your rear wheel. A broad range of conditions from loose dust to wet loam. Most at home on Downhill and Enduro terrain or rowdy trails TRAIL OPTION CONSTRUCTION: 1x60TPI – A single-ply 60TPI casing construction combines exceptional ride quality with outstanding durability. COMPOUND: Trail2 – Our trail specific dual 50/60a compound specifically formulated to balance grip wear and efficiency. PROTECTION: Armor – Bead to bead cut and puncture protection casing layer.


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Product GTIN: 00810432031738