Hiplok Cable Lock – Black


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About the Hiplok Pop Cable Lock The Pop Cable Lock is yet another ingenious bike lock solution form Hiplok. As you would expect it is secure, yet simple and intuitive to use. Normally mounting a lock to the frame will be awkward and add a lump weight to the bike making it handle and feel different. The Pop Cable's clever wearable design allows you wrap it around your waist, saving space in your bag, weight off your bike, and eliminating the need for ugly mounts. The Pop's idea may be simple and easy to use, however that doesn't make it easy to get into for the thieves. Key Features Wearable design – Featuring Hiplok's patented POP fastening, the Hiplok POP adjusts to fit your waist while riding without being locked to the body Pop and Lock – The POP's push locking mechanism is the perfect method to quickly and easily lock your bike. Just push the head into the locking body until it clicks, then your bike is secured Extended locking – POP's 10mm braided steel cable offers a huge 140cm locking diameter. This means it can easily secure multiple bikes when needed, perfect for your next family bike ride! Bike Locks Buying Guide