Hiplok Spin – Black


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About the Hiplok Spin Flexible safety on the go without a key. The Hiplok Spin combination lock combines theft protection with a casual look. When not used, the lock can be worn conveniently as a belt. Its CLIP + RIDE design allows wearing it around your waist without having to lock it. The combination lock remains open, while a belt makes sure that you can individually fit it to your waist. If you have to leave your bike unattended however, the four-digit combination lock together with the 6mm thick steel chain offers the safety required. With the Hiplok Spin, the annoying search for the key belongs to the past. The stylish lock comes with a reflective neon-coloured sleeve and offers reliable protection. Key Features No keys required. Wearable Design. Trusted Security. Adjustable fit. Lightweight. Bike Locks Buying Guide