Hope R4+ LED Vision Front Light and (Standard 4 Cell) Battery – 2000 Lumen – Black


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About the R4+ LED Vision Front Light and (Standard 4 Cell) Battery – 2000 Lumen The Hope R4+ Standard Battery pack is a powerful front light that will guide you through your favourite trails in the darker hours of the day and keep you visually seen when it comes to riding through busy towns and cities. The light uses 4 of the latest CREE LED's which helps the light produce a bright 2000 Lumens (1500 Measured). The All Sports pack comes supplied with one 4 cell (ES) Energy Status batteries. This means you are able to go out for longer/endurance rides in the evening, ideal for X-country riding or for when you just want longer rides in the winter months. The light comes programmed with 6 different light settings, so you can choose the best lighting in comparison to the conditions you are riding in or to preserve the remaining battery you have left. The light comes supplied with a Bayonet handlebar mount and also helmet mount fittings for a much more direct lighting experience. The different mounting options make for the versatile usage of the light and depending on where and what you are riding you can choose the best mount. The powerful output of the light makes for great vision in the dark and also makes other road or trails users aware of your position. The light has a handy backlit LED power button which lets you know what power mode you are using, working alongside this is the Energy Status Battery pack, letting you know what level your battery is running on. Overall the Hope R4+ is a bright light that will happily lead you through some of the roughest trails with ease whilst having a great battery life and plenty of mounting options. Key Features User Type: User can be seen when traveling Light Source: 4 CREE LED's Brightness: 2000 Lumens (1500 Measured) Power Source: 1 x 4 Cell ES Battery Charge Time: 5 – 6 hours (4 cell battery) Battery Life Indicator: Yes (Energy Status Battery) Light modes 6 Different settings Front/Rear/Set: Front Extra Features: C