Hope R8+ LED Vision Front Light and Battery – 4000 Lumen – Black


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About the R8+ LED Vision Front Light and Battery – 4000 Lumen The Hope R8 LED Vision Front Light is the ultimate choice for anyone looking into lights, showcasing the amount of work that has been put in by Hope Technologies. The flagship light from our range giving 4000 lumens on max power. It will see you through the night, whether you are doing an epic night sportive or making your way home from work during the winter months, this light will do the trick. Key Features Light Source: Eight Cree LED"s – Custom lens – four spot, two diffused and two elliptical beams Brightness: 4000 lumens (3000 measured) Power Source: 9600m Ah ES Li-Ion battery pack with built in power gauge Run Time: 1 hour burn time on full power Mounting: Quick release bayonet fitting handlebar mount Light modes Custom optics blend 4 x spot, 2 x diffused and 2 x elliptical lenses Two power sequences, each with three light levels allows users to maximise power or burn time Front/Rear/Set Front Extra Features Integrated thermal throttling prevents overheating Weight Lamp 180g, total system 690g Lighting Buying Guide