HUUB Tow Float – Pink


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About the HUUB 2020 Safety Tow Float Tow Floats are essential kit for many open water swimmers, designed to increase your visibility to other water users, including boat drivers and crews. Brightly coloured for maximum visibility, they're designed to be towed along behind you, yet their ultra-light weight means minimal disruption to your swimming – HUUB claims that you won't even notice that you're carrying it. Handy to keep you supported if you need to take a rest in the water or call for help, a HUUB Tow Float, available in bright orange or pink, is capable of supporting your weight and will make you easy to find by marshals. After you have inflated it, the 16l Safety Tow Float attaches securely to you by means of a waistband and leash, so it can be kept a safe distance from you while you're moving through the water. Made from durable PVC, you can even store small personal belongings in your tow float and they will stay safe and dry while you're swimming. Some race organisers insist on participants using a Tow Float – so don't fall foul of the regulations. Be sure to make one part of your essential triathlon kit. Key Features Increased visibility Minimal swimming interference Buoyant support Waterproof Storage About Huub Wetsuit and apparel specialist HUUB has the vision to create better products combining research, science and reality. Team HUUB has four decades worth of experience gained in the field of endurance sports. Focusing wholly on the athlete and maximising performance and comfort, the HUUB team explores both the odd and the conventional to create the best. HUUB are not slaves to fashion, but to form, fit and performance. They believe quite simply that they have delivered what competitors want. What's more, they know their wetsuits work, because the science says so. The HUUB team understands the specialist technical and scientific fields associated with triathlon, including hydrodynamics and swim stroke analysis. From smart scientist HUUB Tous