Knog Commuter Front Light – 450 Lumen – Black

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About the PWR Commuter Front Light – 450 Lumen Introducing the Knog PWR Commuter 450 Lumen Front Light. Knog has developed a clever ecosystem of bike and outdoor products, that's able to share their battery with other devices, so if you're running low on juice for your Garmin, you can give it a mini pit stop when you're not at home. The Commuter front light its self can 10% charge an iPhone 7 with 1 hour of riding so you have the ability the make a call or text in an urgent situation. With 2 charging options USB and micro USB, you can charge a wide range of devices whilst on your grand adventure. The light itself boast's 450 lumens with an elliptical beam for wide view, important for being seen by on coming road users. Constructed from CNC-machined aluminium for that sleek looking finish and durable strength. The modes are another innovative function on the light, using the Mode Maker you can remove and add up to 8 modes, select your modes from a library of Knog-designed flash patterns, you can even select the brightness of constant modes! Simply plug in your light, then select and tailor modes from the menu. Including a silicone strap for mounting you'll be visible in no time. Key Features Light Source: Elliptical beam for wide view Brightness: 450 Lumens Light modes: Programmable – Up to 8 modes Weight 81g Dimensions: 98. 5mm (L) x 30mm (D) Lighting Buying Guide