Knog Mob V Kid Grid Rear Light – 44 Lumen – Black


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About the Blinder Mob V Kid Grid Rear Light – 44 Lumen Introducing the Knog Blinder Mob V Kid Grid Rear Light, an attention seeking, limelight snatching party animal, perfect for those darkened inner-city streets and urban commutes. Blasting out a super-bright 44 lumens at the rear this bright bike light ensures that you'll be lit up like a beacon to all other road users up to 1. 2 kilometres away. Incorporating 16 surface mounted LEDs as well as a reflective faceplate, long battery life and a beam angle of 90° (not to mention the 5 different light modes) you're guaranteed to light up the path no matter where you ride. And its secret weapon? 3 x rear interchangeable straps so you can swap these tail lights between bikes with different sized seat posts – including aero seat posts. About the brand We are a Melbourne design brand creating urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors. But we see "urban" as an attitude rather than a geography. Our products are not only for the city, or only for bikes, despite our cycling heritage. Urban to us is modern, progressive, youthful, design-driven, daring, and hedonistic. It's not the opposite to rural, or outback, or backcountry – all of which can share these properties. We like to sprinkle some of this urban flavour across our cycling and outdoor products. Key Features Light Source: LEDs Surface Mount (SMT) LED designed to provide maximum brightness level for up to 90% of the battery burn time for each mode Brightness: 44 Lumens Power Source: Integrated rechargeable Lithium Ion battery Charge Time: 4-5 hour charge time Dimensions: 26mm (W) x 76mm (H) x 62mm (D) Weight 39g Lighting Buying Guide