Knog Pwr Commuter Front 450 Lumens Light


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  PWR Commuter is a 450 lumen LED bike light that can also be used as a power bank. Includes the option to program your brightness and runtime through ModeMaker app then use your remaining battery to charge your devices. The light outputs in an elliptical beam for broader brighter road coverage; is USB rechargeable and has 4 smart battery indicator LEDs to let the rider know how much charge is left in the light.   RUNTIME   MODE LUMENS RUNTIME Ride 450 40mins Commuter 190 2.5hrs Stamina 50 7hrs Pulse 320 2.5hrs Strobe Flash 190 3.5hrs Eco-Flash 50 35hrs   FEATURES   The two Charger lights come with 5 pre-programmed modes just in case you haven't yet discovered the ModeMaker app. The optimum steady mode for the PWR Commuter is the aptly named Commute mode. It runs for 2 hours at 200 lumens but there is always the option to crank it up to the 450-lumen Ride mode. Elliptical beam – Elliptical beam for wide view works with spot beam for intense light in front of front wheel.   Programs your modes – The ModeMaker app lows you to design the modes for any PWR bike light. Simply plug in your light then select and tailor modes from the menu. You can do things such as control brightness adjust runtimes and add new light modes.   Charge your devices – Rear of the light is a USB rechargeable power bank. Use this to charge your phone GoPro or cycle computer on the go. 1 hour riding @250 lumens means you can top up charge your iPhone by 10%. Charge time 3.5 hours. SPECIFICATION Light output: 450 Lumens.   Power Bank: 850 mAh.   Dimensions: 98 x 30mm ∅.   Weight: 85g.   Battery indicator.   CNC Machined.   Programmable modes.   USB rechargable.   Water resistant when cap is on. INSTRUCTIONS   Fitting your new light to your bike: Place your light on the handle bar with knog logo on strap facing forward. There are two holes to choose from depending on your bar diameter.   Using the button: To turn on press and hold on/off button until the light turns on. To turn off press and hold the button until the light switches off. To change modes once the light is on a short press of the button changes modes.   Charging your lights: PWR Commuter and PWR Rider use a micro USB input to charge. Find this under the end cap. Press RED button to release cap.


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