Knog Rider Front Light – 450 Lumen – Black


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About the PWR Rider Front Light – 450 Lumen Introducing the Knog PWR Rider 450 Lumen Front Light. Knog has developed a clever ecosystem of bike and outdoor products, that's able to share their battery with other devices, so if you're running low on juice for your Garmin, you can give it a mini pit stop when you're not near home. The Rider front light its self can 35% charge an iPhone 7 with 1 hour light use, so you have the ability the make a call or text in an urgent situation. With 2 charging options USB and micro USB, you can charge a wide range of devices whilst on your grand adventure. The Rider has a longer lasting battery life compared to the Commuter front light. . The light boast's 450 lumens with an elliptical beam for wide view, important for being seen by on coming road users. Constructed from CNC-machined aluminium for that sleek looking finish and durable strength. The modes are another innovative function on the light, using the Mode Maker you can remove and add up to 8 modes, select your modes from a library of Knog-designed flash patterns, you can even select the brightness of constant modes! Simply plug in your light, then select and tailor modes from the menu. Including a silicone strap for mounting you'll be visible in no time. . About the brand We are a Melbourne design brand creating urban-flavoured tech for the road, trail and outdoors. But we see "urban" as an attitude rather than a geography. Our products are not only for the city, or only for bikes, despite our cycling heritage. Urban to us is modern, progressive, youthful, design-driven, daring, and hedonistic. It's not the opposite to rural, or outback, or backcountry – all of which can share these properties. We like to sprinkle some of this urban flavour across our cycling and outdoor products. Key Features Light Source: Elliptical wide beam Brightness: 450 lumens Run Time – Steady High 450 lumens: 2 hrs – Steady Low 200 lumens: 5 hrs – Eco Flash 250 lumens: 90 hrs Battery Lif