Kryptonite Kryptoflex Seatsaver 2.5 Foot – N/A


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About the KRYPTOFLEX 525 DOUBLE LOOP CABLE The Kryptonite Kryptoflex 525 Double Loop Cable is a flexible steel cable, 2. 5 Foot long. It is designed for use with a shackle lock to secure other items. Made from a hard to cut 5mm-thick braided steel cable. It is protected by a durable vinyl covering to guard your bike's paintwork against accidental damage. Key Features 5mm braided steel cable provides good cutting resistance 2. 5 Foot long braided steel cable The double looped ends are perfect in conjunction with another Kryptonite lock or other U-locks, padlocks or disc locks to securely affix a wheel a quick release seat, seatpost, or any auxiliary components to your bike. Lifetime warranty About the Brand Over 40 years ago, Kryptonite began with a mission. While much has changed in bicycling, and bicycle security, Kryptonite's objective remains the same, they are here to empower you to protect what you value. Through constant innovation, expert guidance, and Kryptonite's never-ending commitment, they continue to pursue their passion and do everything they can to ensure you can go where you want, when you want by offering smart, serious security solutions. In 1989, an unusually high number of Anti-Theft Protection claims in central New York City, forced Kryptonite to stop offering protection there until 1994. The New York Lock was introduced in 1994 and became a flagship lock for the company. By 2013 Kryptonite became part of Allegion PLC through the spinoff of Allegion from Ingersoll-Rand. This separation allows Allegion to focus solely on commercial and residential security businesses. Bicycle Locks Buying Guide