Kryptonite Stronghold Above-Ground – Black


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About the STRONGHOLD ANCHOR Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor provides a permanent locking point for your bike whether it is indoors, outdoors, in residential or in commercial situations. It bolts directly into cement or concrete using two anchor bolts (supplied). The Anchor's Kit also includes: the masonry bits needed to drill holes for the anchor bolts; other key tools you'll need; and hardened security covers to stop the bolts being unscrewed. The anchor's 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle lays flat when not in use, making it safe to drive or walk over. It's large enough to pass a chunky chain through. Key Features Permanent locking point for use indoors or outdoors to keep vehicles and bicycles safe Attach to solid concrete ground/walls 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle 5/8" cement anchor bolts installed directly into the cement Includes 2 masonry bits (1- initial pilot hole, 1-final moly-bolt diameter) Steel shackle lays flat within domed body when not in use, making it safe to walk or drive over Recommended for both residential and commercial applications About the Brand Over 40 years ago, Kryptonite began with a mission. While much has changed in bicycling, and bicycle security, Kryptonite's objective remains the same, they are here to empower you to protect what you value. Through constant innovation, expert guidance, and Kryptonite's never-ending commitment, they continue to pursue their passion and do everything they can to ensure you can go where you want, when you want by offering smart, serious security solutions. In 1989, an unusually high number of Anti-Theft Protection claims in central New York City, forced Kryptonite to stop offering protection there until 1994. The New York Lock was introduced in 1994 and became a flagship lock for the company. By 2013 Kryptonite became part of Allegion PLC through the spinoff of Allegion from Ingersoll-Rand. This separation allows Allegion to focus solely on commercial and residential security