Litelok U Lock Silver Twin Combo – N/A


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About the Litelok Flexi U Lock Silver Twin The U-lock reimagined with more locking options than seen previously before. Cyclists can now buy a lock in the same convenient format they know and love but with the Litelok Flexi-U they will have loads more places to which they can lock their bike. and it's 50% lighter. The Litelok Flexi-U is made from high-quality materials that are robust and durable. Our patented Boaflexicore strap contains a high tensile steel and a complex polymer composite and the lock is made from hardened aerospace grade steel alloy – forged from molten metal at over 1700 degrees Centigrade. The Litelok Flexi-U has been security tested using common bike theft tools, simulating real-life street theft attacks as well as being tested under lab conditions, using machines that can apply forces far greater than any human can. Importantly, Litelok Flexi-U has been awarded a Silver rating by Sold Secure, the UK's leading independent testing organisation, which is owned by the Master Locksmiths Association. Key Features Locks join together – double the length or double the security Combine both locks to allow complete versatility for locking locations + number of bikes which can be locked at once Hardened aerospace grade steel lock casing Pick & Drill resistant disc cylinder Patented Boaflexicore strap Patent-pending downward 'line of sight' locking mechanism R+L Combo: one lock fits inside the other for easy and effective carrying in the frame. Please note that this Combo comes with two different sets of keys ie is not keyed alike>br />About Litelok You deserve better bicycle security, and Litelok® will give it to you. They have developed a revolutionary new bike lock that's light, flexible and strong. Litelok® bike locks are made with multiple layers of innovative, lightweight (but tough) materials; each layer providing additional security. Litelok® has been independently tested by Sold Secure, the UK's most reputable bike lock testing orga