Look Geo City Grip Flat Pedals Camo


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Express your personality while boosting your riding enjoyment and safety with the awesome new Geo City Grip featuring LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram. We’ve combined our legendary pedal performance with the expertise of the world’s most famous mountain grip brand to create a fantastic fun colorful town and country pedal. WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ? Unique interchangeable LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram tread inserts to boost your safety while shouting your personal style. Red lime moody black or crazy camo colour options mean there’s a Activ Grip insert for every rider. Proven on the summits of the highest mountains the golden Vibram badge guarantees your riding confidence on city streets or countryside tours whatever the weather and whatever shoes you’re wearing. Specific grooved multi height ‘City’ tread design for total wet or dry trust. Also works with LOOK’s composite stud and rubber lug Vibram Activ Grip ‘Trail’ inserts for even more grip. Lightweight composite honeycomb base for mountain bike-level strength and durability. Top quality performance bearings for silk smooth pedalling performance however far you’re riding. Add our unique Vision In Light system for unbeatable dynamic visibility day or night. Simple magnetic security with up to 20 hours of standout multi-mode brightness from four powerful USB rechargeable LED lights. TECHNOLOGY: FLAT PEDALS + LOOK ACTIV GRIP BY VIBRAMBODY: COMPOSITEGRIP: VULCANIZED RUBBER ACTIV GRIPSPINDLE: CHROMOLY +SURFACE AREA: 107×103 mmQ FACTOR: 63 mmWEIGHT PEDAL: 265 gWEIGHT PAIR: 530 g


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