Look Keo Blade Carbon Composite Cromo Axle – N/A


About the LOOK KEO Carbon Blade Pedals These are elite-level, top-of-the-range weapons designed for pure racing performance. The unique, patented BLADE technology is combined with the best steel bearings and LOOK's signature power-to-weight ratio. With the wide, 700mm² contact area, your foot will become one with the pedal, as you become one with your bike. For these reasons the LOOK Carbon Blades have become the go-to pedals for team mechanics, and those who is passionate about performance bike tech. The compact design of the KEO standard cleats was developed to reduce the total combined weight of the pedal and cleat, whilst remaining compatible with all road cycling shoes on the market. Engagement and disengagement are reassuring and efficient. Choose your preferred float range from our 3 options ranging from 0° to 9°. Key Features LIGHTER – The "blade – lever" system is 20% lighter than a standard "spring – lever" system. Allowing this version to come in at only 110g per pedal! SMOOTHER – Every steel bearing is carefully quality controlled and meticulously measured to the micrometre to ensure the lowest friction movement possible FASTER – The carbon blade blends fluidly into the shape and volume of the pedal, improving the overall aerodynamic properties of the product. STIFFER – The carbon blade is available in various stiffness options: 12, 16 or 20. The blade can be easily, intuitively and quickly (a few seconds suffice) changed depending on the rider's clip-in / clip-out preferences. EASIER – The BLADE technology revolutionizes the engagement/ disengagement experience whilst offering firm and secure support. The bowing of the blade when unclipping means the required disengagement torque is reached more rapidly in the dynamic of the movement, allowing for faster cleat release. Pedaling experience is also improved thanks to a firmer lateral stop. About the Brand LOOK creates contemporary products to support athletes who are looking to push their limits