Mavic Allroad Disc Front 700c Gravel Wheel 2023 Center Locking


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With a wide 22mm rim profile that's optimized for high-volume tires this UST Road Tubeless wheel system is built for adventure.Perfect for riding on rough roads gravel or dirt it gives you the smooth-riding performance of tubeless tires and makes it easy to set them up without any hassles. Low rolling resistance and a reduced risk of punctures add up to a better overall riding experience especially on rugged terrain.The wheels are engineered for the unique demands of disc brakes built up with 24 straight-pull spokes which are stronger than J-bend spokes. So wherever the road goes and however rough it gets you're ready to keep things rolling. Key benefits Purpose-built for riding rough roads gravel or dirt. 22mm wide rim takes tire up to 62mm. UST Road Tubeless technology improves comfort and rolling resistance and reduces the risk of punctures. Compatible with all standard retention systems. Proven performance and reliability at an attainable cost. High-quality QRM cartridge bearings. Disc-brake-specific sleeved-style rim technology. Straight-pull round spokes which are stronger than J-bend spokes. Rolling efficiency and a nimble ride quality. Sleeve joint rim minimizes weight. Consistent and stable spoke lacing. Low-friction hubs. Rims Tire: UST Tubeless and tubetype Material: S6000 Aluminum Valve hole diameter: 65 mm Disc brake specific profile Joint: sleeved Internal width: 23 mm Height: 22 mm ETRTO size: 622x23TC Spokes Shape: straight pull round Count: 24 front and rear Lacing: front and rear crossed 2 Material: steel Nipples: steel ABS Delivered with User guide UST valve and accessories Front QR adapters Pre-installed tubeless rim tape Rear QR adapters for Instant Drive 360 Intended use Recommended tire sizes: 28 to 64 mm 11 to 25 ASTM CATEGORY 2 : road and offroad with jumps less than 15cm For a longer longevity of the wheel Mavic recommends that the total weight supported by the wheels doesn't exceed 120kg bike included Max Pressure: see indication on wheel and tire If they differ use the lowest of the 2 Minimum and maximum allowed tyre width: see indication on wheel Maximum tyre pressure: 55bar/80PSI with a 28mm tyre – 325bar/47PSI with a 64mm tyre Hubs Axle material: aluminum Front and rear bodies: aluminum Instant Drive 360 freewheel technology Rear: Quick Release 12×142 and 12×135 compatible Front: Quick release 12×100 and 15×100 through axle compatible QRM Auto bearing preload technology Compatibility Freewheel: Shimano/Sram convertible to Campagnolo ED11 N3W and XD-R with optional driver bodies Front axle: 12mm thru axle easily convertible to quick release with optional adapters Convertible to 15mm with complete axle replacement Versions Color: Black only Disc standard : 6 Bolts or Center Lock® Compatible Adapters and freewheel bodies 12 to 9mm front adapter for quick release V2680301 15mm axle V2373501 12×142 rear axle adapters V2510701 – Delivered with the wheel 12 to 9mm rear adapter for quick release V2510801 – Delivered with the wheel ID360 Shimano / Sram Light freewheel body V3850101 ID360 Campagnolo freewheel body V3440101 ID360 XD-R freewheel body V2580101 ID360 Shimano / Sram freewheel body V3430101 12×135 rear axle adapters V2510901 ID360 N3W freewheel body V4270101 Information on specified weight The weight of the wheels is announced at +/-5% in XD/XD-R and Center Lock version without quick release nor valve nor rim tape


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