Moon Gemini Light Set – 80/30 Lumen – N/A


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About the Gemini Light Set – 80/30 Lumen The Moon Gemini Light Set are great if you want that bit of extra visibility if you are cycling in built up areas, giving a wider angle than most other lights. Entirely water resistant, these lights can with stand a down pour, and will still keep you safe and seen on the road. Handy features to help you get the most out of your lights, are the Mode memory function, so you don"t have to flick through the modes to find your favourite, its ready and waiting when you turn the lights on. Another is the Auto safe mode, which will change modes when your battery is running low, to the most economic option. The low lumens, means they are best used as a safety "be Seen" option, not for night time. Key Features Power Source: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery (3. 7V 300 mAh) Dimensions: Both: 69mm (W) x 20. 5mm (D) x 16. 5mm (H) Weight 28g each Front/Rear/Set: Set Charge Time: 2hrs Lighting Buying Guide