Moon Meteor Storm Lite Front Light – 1300 Lumen – Black


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About the Meteor Storm Meteoric amounts of light in a lite package. This front light from Moon give you huge freedom to use its 2200m Ah rechargeable battery whichever way you want to. Its pre-set modes range from an immensely bright 1300 lumen boost setting to its ultra-efficient 400 lumen daylight flashing mode, alternatively set any illumination level you want with its variable system. With this impressive flexibility and its detachable USB rechargeable battery packs, you will get the illumination you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Illuminate the whole cycle track at night or just stay visible on the road any time of day, the Storm Lite has you covered. Key Features VLS – Variable Lumen System. Allows you to set any lumen you want. Simply press & hold the VLS button Daylight Flash Mode – Makes you more visible during the daytime whilst conserving battery Easy to use topside control panel so you can adjust the mode on the go USB-C rechargeable battery which provides as much as 32 hours at 120lm Waterproof to IPX 5 rating, so getting caught in the rain is no problem Bike Lights Buying Guide