Mucoff C3 Ceramic Wet Lube 120ml


  A proprietary formulation containing integral Boron Nitride Compounds Fluoropolymers and Nano Ceramic for the ultimate low friction drive chain. Welcome to the future. Creates a ceramic coating for incredible durability and long distance performance. Provides ultra low friction for ultimate drive train efficiency. Contains Boron Nitride and Fluoropolymers for high performance. Waterproof qualities excelling in wet conditions. Comfort bottle with pipette system for ease of use and application. 95% biodegradable. Ideal for Road Cyclocross and MTB. Available in 120ml and 50ml.MUC-OFFThe Muc-Off story starts in 1991 when Rex and Marilyn Trimnell founded X-Lite UK. Rex had a huge passion for engineering innovation and anything to do with speed! The first bicycle product Rex designed and patented was the world’s first ‘Twin Crown’ bicycle fork which was highly advanced for its time. Rex soon went on to design and manufacture the world’s lightest bar ends which we still make today!In 1994 Rex saw a gap in the market for premium bicycle specific care products. This led him to set about creating X-Lite’s own cleaning product which was both safe to use on all parts of a bike and the environment Rex put on his brand name thinking cap and Muc-Off was born! After several years more and more riders were seeing the benefits of using Muc-Off and it started to become a big success. This simple to use and highly effective cleaner eventually grew into the comprehensive bicycle specific care range you see in this catalogue.Sadly on the 7th May 2004 Rex passed away suddenly and unexpectedly his son Alex took over the role of Managing Director and Marilyn and Emma Trimnell also continued to work in the business. Since the tragic loss of Rex the business has continued to grow and now also makes care products for the Street-bike Dirt-bike Automotive Caravan Marine and Electronic markets. “We just love making products that our fellow riders enjoy using” states Alex. “Everyone that works in our company is completely mad about at least one of our markets. We feel this passion makes our products ‘best of breed’ because we are totally dedicated to our products performance you just can’t beat getting out of the lab and doing real world product testing!”We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we do see you on the trails!In 2007 Muc-Off Ltd was formed and the company continued to grow rapidly around the world and Muc-Off is now sold in over 36 countries and this is growing month by month!For 2010/2011 the Muc-Off team have worked around the clock to not only enhance existing products but also design new products for your bikes cars and electronics.Watch this space for further exciting developments in the Muc-Off story……………


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