NAMEDSport Whey Protein shake – 900g – Chocolate


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About the NAMEDSport 100% Whey Protein shake 100% Whey Protein shake is a great tasting way to maintain a high-quality protein intake. It can be used as a post-workout recovery drink or as a small meal when on a calorie-reduced diet (seek professional dietary advice when doing this). It contains all of the essential amino acids required to repair muscle tissue post-workout and tastes great. Each shake also contains 5g of BCAA"s (essential amino acids) Key Features23g of Whey Protein per serving Only 2g of Carbs per serving5g of BCAA"s per serving Great Taste when mixed with water About NAMEDSport NAMEDSPORT> is the result of pure passion for sport and a long-term involvement in the field of natural medicine, with the aim of improving athlete"s knowledge of sports nutrition coupled with the best products we can produce. The history of NAMEDSPORT> began in May 2014 when the founder Andrea Rosso formed a partnership with Named Spa, the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy, with the aim of producing products for sportspeople using the best raw materials & formulations available. Nutrition Buying Guide