Nikwax Wash/SoftShell Proof – Single dose – Green


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Nikwaxx Techwash and Softshell twin pack comes in a complete package so you can clean and protect your wet weather apparel. Nikwax Tech Wash® is the ideal cleaner for your technical clothing and gear. A non-detergent soap, it revitalises breathability, and can be used regularly to clean clothing and equipment without damaging their Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings. It has been specifically designed and optimised for breathable waterproof fabrics. Nikwax Tech Wash® is a highly effective cleaner. Additionally it will revitalise existing Durable Water Repellency (DWR) and revive breathability. It is the safe way to thoroughly clean your waterproof clothing and equipment. Application in a washing machine is quick, easy, and ensures that the whole garment is thoroughly cleaned. Nikwaxx Soft Shell Proof protects the performance of your softshell clothing with this high performance wash in waterproofer. Often dirt is the reason your softshell could be soaking up water. Nikwaxx recommend using Nikwaxx's Tech Wash first to clean your jacket and then add Durable Water Repellency using this Softshell Proofer. Nikwax Soft Shell Proof™ Wash-In is easy and quick to apply in a washing machine, and its highly Durable Water Repellency (DWR) develops on air drying. The washing machine application ensures that the treatment goes right through the garment, treating seams, tapes and cords, as well as the fabric. Also, as the need for tumble drying is removed, this saves energy and protects more vulnerable, older, garments from heat. Nikwax Soft Shell Proof™ Wash-In has been specifically designed and optimised for softshell garments; it leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual fibres allowing moisture vapour to pass through, maintaining breathability.