Niterider Micro Front Light – 850 Lumen – Black


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About the Lumina Micro Front Light – 850 Lumen The Nite rider Lumina Micro 850 Lumen Front Light is small and compact, making it a great addition to your helmet or handlebars with its handy quick release tab. The CREE LED is great to create a wide beam so you can see your surrounding clearer and easier to avoid hitting obstacles. And 850 Lumen light is ideal for the commuter and road, to be seen during the day or on those dusky morning commutes. Key Features Light Source: High output light using a CREE™ LED Brightness: 850 Lumens Run Time: 1: 30 – 35: 00hrs Weight 130g Light modes: 4 Light Levels plus 1 Daylight Flash Mode Lighting Buying Guide