Norco Rampage 2.1 2020 Kids Bike – Black

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About the Norco Rampage 2. 1If you're looking to shred the local dirt jumps, hit up the pump track and maybe take a run through the slopestyle course with your buddies, the Rampage 24 and 20-inch are gonna be your jam. You bring the skills, but the Rampage'll make the most of what you've got and keep up when you're ready to step up to the next level. Oh, and while we're talking about progression, it's built tough – like "case a jump, hit the dirt, lose track of which side is up, and is ready for more without a trip to the shop for repairs" tough. Key Features Modern Geometry and Clean Design: No matter who you are, how your bikes rides is just as important as how it looks – especially if you're hangin' out goin' big with your buddies. The Rampage features our most current Street/Dirt frame design and brings it to riders who need a bike that lives up to their skills and looks great. Aluminum frame: While BMX riders are still full-on into Chromoly frames, we've been hearing from team riders, and everybody out at the jump trails that they're looking for something lighter and stiffer than steel can provide – so we went with aluminum for the Rampage. Light. Strong, and looks great! Size and model options: The Rampage is available to a wider range of riders, with multiple models to the lineup, so no matter where you're coming from, or how much budget you have, you can go big! Dirt Jump Focused-spec: Norco has been building dirt jump MTB's for longer than just about anyone – and we've picked up a few tricks and secrets along the way – so when we spec a dirt jump bike, it's got the goods. Tapered head tube: The Rampage's tapered head tube provides more surface area for welding, resulting in a stronger frame, and allows for the most modern forks to be run, giving riders quality spec out of the box, and the chance to upgrade later on if something shiny catches their eye. About Norco With roots firmly planted in the world-class testing ground that is British Columbia,