Norco Storm 1 2020 Women's Mountain Bike


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About the Norco Storm 1 Women'sThe Storm picks up where road, gravel, and hybrid bikes cant go fatter tires, off-road-oriented progressive design, and features thatll give riders the chance to truly experience what mountain biking is truly all about in a bike that wont break the bank. Whether youve found your way back to bike after years away, or are just exploring a new way to ride, the Storm offers quality, performance and accessibility to a wide array of riders, and is the perfect chance to give you the time and versatility to learn what kind of mountain biking is perfect for you! Key Features Progressive Design: The Storm uses Norcos holistic approach to fit and geometry to achieve its nimble, confident trail performance. The unique combination of longer reach, slacker head tube angle and steep seat tube angle provides a more forward weight distribution within a longer wheelbase. This allows more powerful, efficient pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control when descending to help make the most of every ride. 100mm Travel Suspension Forks: The Storm features 100mm of front suspension travel the perfect amount for off-road adventure and exploration, without feeling like youre carrying around extra weight or bulk when you dont need it. Internal routing for shifter and brake cables: By routing the brake and shift cables inside the Storm 1 and 2 frames, they are out of harms way and away from the elements. That means shifting and braking performance last longer between services, and the bikes look clean!2. 35 tire clearance: The Storm series comes equipped with 2. 25 tires for a smooth, all-round fast ride, but the frame is designed to take up to 2. 35 rubber, so if your adventures start to get a little looser, just throw on some wider tires, and the Storm is good to go! Two wheel sizes, one bike: Depending on what frame size you ride, the Storm is available in a wheel size to suit you. The XXS, XS and S are equipped with 27. 5 tires t