Onguard Rock Solid D Lock


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Introducing the OnGuard RockSolid the pinnacle of bike lock innovation. Designed with cutting-edge materials and advanced engineering this revolutionary lock stands as an impenetrable fortress against even the most determined thieves armed with angle grinders. Crafted from a proprietary blend of ultra high-strength materials and reinforced with a multi-layered defence system the OnGuard RockSolid is virtually impervious to the cutting force of angle grinders. Its intricate structure is engineered to resist cutting rendering any attempts to breach its fortified exterior futile. With each component meticulously designed and rigorously tested the OnGuard RockSolid boasts an unrivalled resistance to brute force attacks. Its hardened shrouded shackle is impervious to an angle grinder defying even the most aggressive cutting attempts. The OnGuard RockSolid not only provides unbeatable security but also offers a seamless user experience. Its ergonomic design ensures easy handling making it the lightest angle grinder resistant lock in the market. Experience peace of mind like never before with the OnGuard RockSolid. Defy the odds protect what matters most and leave would-be thieves in awe of this unyielding fortress of two-wheel security. Dimensions: 90x175x14mm WxHxD Keys: 5 keys included


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