Ortlieb Atrack Compression Straps For Bag Customization Black


Additional color variants of the Compression Straps Atrack for retrofitting and personalizing your Atrack. The Atrack is the perfect backpack for you but you're not quite feeling the color of the Compression Straps? No problem at all – with the Compression Straps Atrack you can choose from different colors to make your Atrack uniquely YOURS. The side-mounted straps are easily threaded through the existing Daisy Chains giving your backpack a fresh new look. Replacing the middle strap may take a bit more time but it's just as straightforward. For a step-by-step guide check out our video to ensure you get it right. COLOR turquoise ADAPTER – WEIGHT 90 g | 3.2 oz


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Product GTIN: 04013051056663