Park Tool 758.2 – Cutter And Reamer 1.5 Inch Headsets For Htr1 & Htr1b


  The Park Tool 758.2 will ream and face the head tubes of bikes that use the OnePointFive Interface StandardThe 758.2 is designed for use with the Park Tool HTR-1 or HTR-1B Headtube Facer and ReamerMust also be used with the 750 Centering Cone Adaptor to ensure correct alignment1.9516-inch 49.57mm diameter reamer/2.441-inch 62mm facerBores a machined surface to a depth of approximately 25mm and then faces the end of the headtubeSHIS terminology: The 758.2 is for EC49 upper and lower headtubesUse with generous quantities of Park CF2 cutting fluid for best results and prolonged tool life


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Product GTIN: 00763477013835