Peatys Complete Bicycle Cleaning Kit


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Far from a load of product thrown into a re-branded bucket peaty's premium bicycle cleaning kit provides all your essential cleaning productsIn a premium storage solution. Made from 100% recycled plastic and with a strong aluminium carry handle This kit contains all the key products you need to go from filthy dirty to Race ready. With a 10% saving over buying each item individually this is a great value storage solution for your essential cleaning products. WHAT'S INCLUDED 1 x 1 litre loam foam. 1 x 500ml foaming degreaser. 1 x 60ml linklube all-weather. 1 x bog brush. 1 x drivetrain brush. 1 x bamboo bicycle cleaning cloth. 1 x wham heavy duty box with removable parts tray. DIMENSIONS Overall size: 40cm width x 23cm x 25cm high. 44cm wide including the handle. Approx internal dimensions when tray removed 37cm x 19cm x 22cm Height including space in the lid section. The box has 16cm of height underneath the removable tray.


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