Peaty`s Holdfast Trail Tool Wrap Moss Green


Our holdfast trail tool wrap is the ultimate flexible storage solution designed to flexibly carry your trail essentials on any bike while keeping them clean and giving fast access in trailside emergencies. Traditional frame wraps move around scratch your frame get your tools dirty and take ages to fit and remove. Our holdfast trail tool wrap is made from a super durable fully waterproof fabric with welded seams to stop your tools being covered in mud or dust – even on the filthiest of rides. There’s even a fully water-sealed internal stash pocket to keep those small parts and valuables safe and dry. Our unique mounting system separates the wrap from the strap allowing the strap to be tightly cinched around your frame to create the most grip possible. The tool wrap then attaches separately to the mounting strap making your tools rapidly accessible when needed. Once removed and open the wrap can also be temporarily hung off your bike by sticking it back onto the strap which is left attached to your frame giving you quick hands-free trailside access to all of your essential tools. Our flexible mounting system allows you to mount your strap anywhere on any bike without the restriction of water bottle or accessory mount locations. This gives you flexibility as to what you want to carry giving enough room for a tube and a wrap full of trail essentials that can also be thrown in a backpack for bigger days out. FEATURES Flexibly carry your trail essentials on any bike No rattle no slip – Unique strap attachment secures wrap firmly to your bike Fast access to your tools in trailside emergencies Waterproof material with durable welded seams keeps your tools clean Waterproof zippered stash pocket keeps essentials dry Modular design works with or without an innertube Reflective print for extra visibility Available in Nightrider Black Slate Grey and Moss Green WHAT'S INCLUDED? HoldFast Tool Pouch HoldFast Tool Wrap Strap STRAP IT ON We knew one of the biggest criticisms of existing straps on the market is the lack of grip to the frame – leading them to move around and even scratch your frame. The key problem to solve with our wrap would be to make it grip to your frame stronger than peaty grips a freshly poured pint. The big step in solving the problem was separating the wrap from the strap. Where existing straps on the market have relatively small contact areas because the strap is joined to the bag or wrap separating the strap meant it could be wrapped fully around the frame 360°. Cinched tightly back onto itself with a large sticky rubber pad contacting the frame we’ve not yet had a wrap move on a ride! TO TUBE OR NOT TO TUBE? Having the strap separated from the wrap also means an innertube can be simply slotted underneath the strap before cinching down tight. This means the tube is still held solid even when the wrap is removed – so you don’t have to remove the tube every time you want to access your tools. The innertube isn’t an integral part of the system either like it can be with most frame straps so if you then need to use the tube in an emergency then the strap simply cinches down to the frame again and everything still works perfectly – with or without a tube. SIZE MATTERS By far the biggest challenge we had in designing the wrap was optimising the pocket size. When we made the pocket wider the wrap started to look like a droopy baguette strapped to the top tube and was too long to fit in most frame openings. When we made the pocket deeper it was too easy to over-fill the wrap which meant it stuck out from the width of the top tube and could rub on your knees. After a lot of prototyping and testing we found an ideal width and depth for the wrap pocket which fits a wide combination of trail essentials whilst still rolling up nicely and not being too bulky on the bike.


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