Raleigh 26" Rear 6 Bolt Disc QR Wheel – 8/9 Speed Cassette – Black


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About the 26" REAR DISC WHEEL, MACH1, 8/9 SPD CASSETTE (QR) A 26" rear wheel with 6 bolt disc and Mach 1 MX rim black It is built for an 8/9 speed cassette with a Quick Release axle. This wheel is suitable upgrade or replacement for most modern day 26" wheeled MTB bikes that have disc brake fittings on the frame. Key Features Rear disc wheel 26" Mach 1 MX alloy rim in black made for 8/9 speed cassette QR axle Black spokes About the Brand Raleigh is one of the world"s oldest and best-known bike brands. Established in 1887 by Sir Frank Bowden in Nottingham England, are still based in their home town. Chances are that you rode a Raleigh when you were younger – and maybe you still do now. Raleigh are renowned for our iconic bikes such as the Burner, Grifter and Chopper, as well as cutting-edge bikes like TI-Raleigh Tour-de-France-winning 753 steel frames. Our bike design and wheel building still happen at our Head office in Nottingham and it is a tradition that will continue for many years to come. Wheel Buying Guide