Selle Italia Italia Man Gel Flow Saddle – L2 – Black


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About the Sella Italia Man Gel Flow Saddle 2 The Man Gel Flow ensures a high level of comfort dedicated exclusively to the male public, without neglecting the typical need to maintain performance. Plush comfort thanks to shock absorber gel flow and extra padding this is like sitting on an armchair. This saddle is set to become the benchmark in saddle comfort. The foam is soft but firm to provide support for the sit bones, while the shape is anatomically designed to maximise comfort in the sitting and front tissue area. The special gel flow anatomic cutout gives the saddle the necessary comfort, allowing more flexibility in the front area of the shell, this is combined with a Silicone gel insert that absorbs all road vibrations. This special Silicone gel insert is placed in the padding of the saddle, only in the areas where required, to maximise comfort. The cover is made from full-grain leather for excellent breathability and smoothness. A special waterproof application ensures long life and excellent riding even in the worst weather conditions. Key Features Anatomic cutout. Gel inserts. Full-grain leather. Long life. All weather conditions. Saddle Buying Guide