Shimano Dura-Ace R671 Di2 TT/Triathlon Switch Set – N/A


About the R671 Di2 TT Switch Set This Shimano Dura-Ace R671 Di2 TT/Triathlon Switch Set allows Di2 electronic shifting from the ends of your aero bars. No need for time triallists and triathletes to choose a shifter position – with Di2 multiple shift controls are possible. Use Dual Control levers on the base bars and these satellite controls on your aero extensions to allow instant gear changes whichever position you are in. Fast, accurate, effortless shifts SW-9071 (single-button controls minimise movements for maximum aero efficiency). Double and single button controls allow control of both front and rear derailleurs with the flick of a finger. These shifters are supplied with 600 mm electrical cables for easy installation and weigh 95 grams a pair. About Dura-Ace and Di2 Dura-Ace moves gear shifting to the next generation, reducing effort and letting you concentrate on riding. When combined with Di2 electronic shifting technology it unlocks even more control thanks to improved ergonomics options and confidence inspiring reliability. Tested in competition and taken to victory by pro riders in all conditions – on the road, across the pave, through the mud. Dura-Ace: Concentration, control and confidence. Key Features With Di2 technology shifting is easy and precise – just a light touch, as soft as a mouse click, is sufficient for the front or rear derailleur to instantaneously select the correct gear The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, and provides effortless gear shifts Simply pressing tactile buttons allows effortless and comfortable shifting even when your hands are cold TT / Triathlon two button bar end shift switches can be used to operate both front and rear derailleurs Can be used on their own, direct into SMEW90 junction, or in conjunction with STI allowing multiple shifting positions Compatible with E-TUBE platform's "Plug & play" and