Shimano Dura-ace Road Polymer Coated Brake Inner 1.6mm X 2000mm


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Polymer coated stainless steel inner brake cable for the ultimate in smooth braking performance designed to complement the top-of-the-range Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 brakeset. The Polymer coating is applied in a spiral formation around the stainless steel inner wire providing excellent support for the silicon grease and reducing the surface contact of the inner wire on the outer casing. The Polymer coated is applied to precision ground round inner wires all combining to create a smooth low friction braking action with increased service life due to its anti-corrosion nature. Suitable for front or rear brakes just cut to fit Use with SLR brake cable outer 1.6 mm x 2000 mm


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Product GTIN: 04524667317210