Shimano M520 SPD Pedals

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Sharing many of the features with pedals costing twice as much, the Shimano M520 is an entry level pedal suitable for XC and a host of other uses. Lightweight, durable and smooth, with sealed bearings and an open, mud shedding design for reliability in performance in all conditions. A Value for money dual-sided SPD pedal, a favourite XC mountain bike SPD has a super-compact and lightweight design for a multitude of cycling uses. Sealed cartridge bearing spindle keeps out water and mud for a smooth action, and makes for a durable pedal and it's open design helps to shed mud SHIMANO invented SPD to meet the needs of a growing frontier lifestyle called MTB. By eliminating toe-clips and integrating the pedal and outsole into a single, unified power transfer system, SHIMANO changed the industry; not only boosting power to the pedal, but also the rider's control over increasingly adventurous styles of riding. Today there's no single MTB style, and no single SPD pedal to match. It's all over the landscape, from fast paced XC racing to steep, rocky, wet, rooted and muddy trails. SHIMANO SPD pedals are keepin' up. The legacy of "inthe-dirt" dependability, reliability and sheer endurance continues as shoe-pedal designs evolve to meet the needs of your personal style of ride. System-Engineered. Rider-Tuned. You choose. Key Features SPD is a system that performs whether you're on or off the bike. It makes pedaling more efficient with a wide variety of shoe and pedal styles and the recess cleat makes walking more comfortable You can pedal with greater efficiency, stability and comfort with the SPD system Chrome-moly spindle and low-maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle Shimano SPD-SL Pedal User Manual Bicycle Pedal Buying Guide