SKS Airworx Plus 10.0 Floor Pump – Black


About the SKS Airworx Plus 10. 0 Floor Pump This is a must-have in all workshops: the AIRWORX 10. 0 floor pump from SKS. The soft touch handle with grip recesses that provide a comfortable feel enable you to inflate your tyres up to 10 bar/144 PSI. The solid metal base ensures a firm foothold and a good power transfer so that higher pressure levels can be reached without difficulty. Other user-friendly features are the precision gauge that is positioned on top and can be easily read, and the long high pressure hose. The floor pump is fitted with a MULTIVALVE head for use with all valve types and comes with two adapters for balls or inflatable mattresses. About SKS SKS has been established for 75 years and manufactures bike mudguards, all types of pumps, tool kits and more recently, bum bags. Probably it is best known in the U.K. for Chromoplastic and Bluemels mudguards. All products are made in Germany; a benchmark for quality. Easy-fit Chromoplastics are the Rolls-Royce of mudguards, the industry standard for road and hybrid bikes, though a MTB version also exists. The Bluemels range has a less expensive, slightly different profile. Pumps Buying Guide