SKS Bluemels Reflective Mudguard Set 700c x 28-38c – Black


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Introducing the SKS Bluemels Reflective 700c Mudguard Set, available in Silver or Black they blend into any bikes aesthetics and offer great protection against mud and rain. The guards are 45mm thick which allow for tyres ranging between 28c and 38c max, so ideal if you have a road bike or hybrid bike. The hardware and fittings for the guards are made made from stainless steel, including 3mm thick stainless steel stays, providing stability and durability on tough road surfaces. The guards feature a security fastening ASR joint, which is easy to install and adjust for the right fit on your bike. The reflective strip along either side of the Bluemels is ideal if you are a regular commuter and face heavy traffic on your rides. The reflective strip will increase your visibility to other road users keeping you seen on the roads. Overall the Bluemels Reflective Mudguards are ideal if you find yourself commuting in heavy traffic or going out for evening rides in busy towns and cities.