Specialized Como Sl 5.0 Electric Bike 2022 Medium – Brassy Yellow / Transparent


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What happened when Specialized brought their perfectly balanced Super Light system to their popular Turbo Como E-bike? The best combination of power range and usability in a comfort e-bike. The Turbo Como Super Light SL is designed for running around town and beyond. Able to carry twice its weight in cargo it’s a surprising errand bike that’s as exciting to ride as it is easy to own. Riders will love the low-maintenance easy-ownership that comes with Specialized's first Internal Gear Hub and Belt Drive E-bike. This system protects your bike’s working gears from the weather and road grime extends their life up to four times that of a derailleur/chain drive and eliminates chain grease completely. Best of all you can shift gears anytime yes even when stopped—take that traffic lights. The Turbo Como Super Light’s sophisticated design is ready to go whenever you are—day and night rain or shine—with battery-powered integrated lights fenders and plenty of storage capability. The 320Wh battery is securely hidden in the downtube making it almost indistinguishable from a regular bike at first glance. But on days when you want to do more attach the optional Range Extender to ride up to 93 miles without needing to recharge. Trust them when they say you’ll find yourself making up errands just so you can ride it again. **We are currently waiting for images of the 'Brassy Yellow / Transparent Colourway' from the supplier**


Product GTIN: 00888818866144