Specialized Hillbilly Grid Trail 27.5/650b X 2.3 Mtb Tyre


The Hillbilly GRID TRAIL 2Bliss Ready tire is a perfect option for front tire use when the course features intermediate to soft terrain. When the soil is changing from hard to soft the small blocks penetrate the ground surface and better connect you to the trail. Small surface center knobs also increase the load on the ground and help surface penetration while the shoulder knob row provides support in fast turns on all surfaces. Our GRIPTON® compound meanwhile improves high frequency damping better attaching the tire to the ground over small bumps and rough sections alike. This also means that the low frequencies of the rolling tire deflections pass through unfiltered leaving no energy to be absorbed and keeping your speed high. Our new GRID TRAIL casing is stiffer delivering better handling at lower pressures—all while increasing pinch flat protection by 15% and puncture protection by 30%. Casing: Additional bead to bead protection for exceptional durability plus sidewall stiffness stability. Bead: Foldable Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready Compound: GRIPTON®


Product GTIN: 00888818528943