SRAM Quarq Shockwiz – Black


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The Quarq Shock wiz from SRAM is a suspension fork tuning device. The Shock wiz features a highly accurate sensor and microprocessor that analyses air pressure in the forks chamber 100, the finely tuned algorithms, process the data from the suspension including baseline air pressure, air spring ramp, rebound and compression. The algorithms detect negative characteristics such as pedal bob, pogo and pack down. The Shockwiz will determine the adjustments needed to get the best performance out of the suspension and display the data in the Shock wiz app. The shock wiz is suitable for most air shocks with a single volume positive chamber. The App is compatible with most smart phones that are equipped with Bluetooth low energy. Android devices must be jellybean 4, 3 or newer apple devices must be iOS 9 or newer.