Thule ProRide 598 Locking Upright Cycle Carrier – N/A


The Thule Pro Ride 598 Locking Upright Cycle Carrier is a quick and convenient bike roof carrier. Thule have added in a revised clamp with extended lower jaw which holds your bike in place whilst you secure the wheel straps and tighten everything up. The integrated torque limited dial prevents over tightening on lightweight Carbon frames whilst ensuring the clamp is still secure. Deep and flexible padding integrated into the 598's jaws adapts to the shape of your frame giving a more secure hold whilst minimising the chances of damage. Smartly designed wheel holders with diagonal straps for a larger contact area and more secure hold. Ratcheting pump-buckles make cinching them up a quick and easy task. The Clamp arm of the rack can be switched from one side to the other which allows you mounting options on both sides. Overall this is versatile roof rack that will keep your bike secure.